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The Customer Isn’t Always Right

It’s never easy, telling someone that what they thought, what they believed, is false. In a situation such as purchasing a headstone for someone you loved, the last thing any consumer wants to hear is “You can’t do that.”

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Online Memorial Purchases

We routinely come into contact with families that have purchased memorials online. This is one of those times when you can learn some pretty tough lessons, but only after you have paid a fairly steep price.

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Choosing a Memorial for Mom or Dad

Dealing with the emotional turmoil after the death of your mom or dad is definitely tough. On top of all the things that have to be done you need to make proper arrangements for the funeral. There are many reasons for allowing a memorialist to help you instead of a funeral home.

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Why I Love My Job

Most often, when I tell people what I do for a living the response is, “Oh, how sad.” or “Ick, how depressing.” or something similar. But I enjoy my job immensely and I explain that, right away. I think there is something so special about spending time with my customers, hearing stories about their loved ones, and helping them through this process.

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