Mausoleums that will last for eternity require special expertise. A mausoleum is a building that houses the dead above ground. There are three main types of mausoleums in a cemetery:

  • Indoor: A shared space where the crypts are located indoors
  • Garden/outdoor: A shared space where the crypts are located outdoors
  • Private mausoleums: Private spaces, where the crypts can be located indoors or outdoors

Types Of Mausoleum Crypts

There are a number of different types and configurations of crypts available. The most common include:

  • Single crypts: Single crypts are the most common type of crypt in a mausoleum. Single crypts contain the remains of one person in a casket.
  • Side-by-side crypts: Side-by-side crypts are designed for two people. The caskets are positioned next to each other horizontally, and may each have its own engraved marker or the crypts may share a single large marker.
  • Companion crypts or end-to-end crypts: Companion crypts are designed for two people, but only take the space of a single crypt. The caskets are lined up “end-to-end” and a single marker is shared. Companion crypts are the mausoleum equivalent of “double depth.”
  • Westminster family crypts: Sometimes referred to simply as “Westminster crypts” or “family crypts,” this style of crypt can accommodate as many people as you’d like. Sometimes the arrangement is end-to-end crypts stacked on top of each other, and sometimes the arrangement is side-by-side crypts stacked on top of each other. Each person may have his or her own marker, or the crypts may share a single large marker.

The Schlitzberger family has been crafting monuments and memorials since 1922; it is our family’s heritage and our passion. You may want a simple headstone or gravestone–something to mark the place with a name and dates inscribed on it. Or we can create something totally unique that will make people stop and admire its creativity and artistry. It’s up to you. Either way, we’ll work with you till you are happy with the result. See some of our cemetery monuments below to inspire you to create your own monument with the help of our award-winning memorial designers.

A memorial is a gift that will last forever and will be viewed by family members and friends for generations to come. Let us help you with a memorial that is appropriate, personal and affordable. Please contact us for more information about Mausoleums, Tombs and Crypts.

Mausoleums, Tombs and Crypts by Schlitzberger and Daughters

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Mausoleums, Tombs and Crypts by Schlitzberger and Daughters

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Mausoleums, Tombs and Crypts by Schlitzberger and Daughters

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Mausoleums, Tombs and Crypts by Schlitzberger and Daughters

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“Compassionate! I was in tears during the process of planning and ordering my mother’s gravestone. There was so much compassion and care coming from the staff worker, and I knew that I had called the right place. They didn’t nickle and dime me for everything I was wanting on Mom’s gravestone. It was a relief to pay one flat rate for wording, borders, and decorations. I am grateful that this is one more way that I can honor my mom. When I told my family that I was ordering Mom’s gravestone from Schlitzberger & Daughters from Houston, one of my aunts exclaimed, “That is the same place that made your grandma and grandpa’s gravestones!” Even though we live in North East Texas, Mom requested to be buried by grandma and grandpa south of Houston. I love the way the Lord lead me to Schlitzberger & Daughters! {What could we have done to improve your experience?} Absolutely nothing more than to be yourselves! Schlitzberger & Daughters knows how to deal with grief stricken customers. Thank you!”

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