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The Process of Designing and Crafting a Memorial

Headstone designs and monument designs are important to the remembrance of your loved one. There are many different styles of granite memorials. The following information is provided to help you become familiar with the basic aspects of headstone designs and monument designs. That familiarity will help you when you sit down with us to design your loved one’s memorial.

headstone designs and monument designs

Meeting with a Schlitzberger Memorialization Professional

Meetings can be conducted in person, by phone or by email. Basic information is collected such as who the memorial is for, where the memorial will be placed, and cemetery restrictions. Family preferences are collected including materials, color, size, style, budget, design elements, personalization, pictures and additional accessories such as vases.

Monument Design

Schlitzberger and Daughters will develop your ideas into a memorial option for your consideration. The design team then uses computer technology to design your monument. They will prepare a drawing reflecting your custom design along with a quote for your approval before any stonework begins.

Stencil Preparation

A rubberized stencil is created for your memorial. Careful inspection of the stencil is made for accuracy of spelling and layout preceding the placement of the stencil on the stone. The stencil is then affixed to the granite you have selected with a special adhesive. After the stencil is applied to the surface of the granite, the design process begins by exposing certain areas of polished stone to sandblast.


An experienced craftsman hand sculpts roses and other ornamentation.


We have an automatic blaster and a non-automated room for shape carving. The automated one is for lettering and flat designs. The manual sandblast room is for shape carving.

Hand Chiseling and Texturing

V-sunk, U-sunk, and skin frost lettering is done in our shop. The V-cut method is always the most desirable for most stone colors. In other words, the stone is cut down to the point where it actually looks like the letter “V” in a cross section. Some companies will just scratch the surface of the stone and then use a black paint to make it appear deeper. After a few years, this paint fades, and the lettering is no longer as visible as it was.

Delivery or Shipping

The finished monuments or markers are then delivered to the local cemetery or crated and shipped to the desired destination.

Headstone Designs & Monument Designs Process

Only the Best Granites

We use only the best granites to design and build the finest memorials.

Headstone Designs & Monument Designs Process

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Headstone Designs & Monument Designs Process

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Headstone Designs & Monument Designs Process

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