Custom Headstones and Other Monuments

Some monuments are in a class by themselves. Custom headstones and other monuments are more than selecting from rows of headstones on display or a catalog of designs that is fifty years old. Designing unique custom headstones or other monuments requires communication, talent and desire. Our clients are more than a name on a stone, they are loved people that deserve our best effort in making one place more beautiful than we found it.

The Schlitzberger family has been crafting monuments and memorials since 1922; it is our family’s heritage and our passion. You may want a simple headstone or gravestone–something to mark the place with a name and dates inscribed on it. Or we can create something totally unique that will make people stop and admire its creativity and artistry. It’s up to you. Either way, we’ll work with you till you are happy with the result. See some of our cemetery monuments below to inspire you to create your own monument with the help of our award-winning memorial designers.

A memorial is a gift that will last forever and will be viewed by family members and friends for generations to come. Let us help you with a memorial that is appropriate, personal and affordable. Please contact us for more information about custom headstones and other monuments.

Custom Headstones & Other Monuments by Schlitzberger and Daughters

Only the Best Granites

We use only the best granites to design and build the finest memorials.

Custom Headstones & Other Monuments by Schlitzberger and Daughters

Award Winning Designs

Nationally certified and winner of many prestigious awards

Custom Headstones & Other Monuments by Schlitzberger and Daughters

Customer Service

Personalized and attentive customer service is our trademark

Custom Headstones & Other Monuments by Schlitzberger and Daughters

Direct to Public

We offer our products and services direct to the public at reasonable prices.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the “family.” Everyone has been so thoughtful and tried so hard to make sure everything is just like I want it. Conducting business long distance can be a hard thing but the ladies are so efficient that everything was so easy…I’m not sure it could be improved. Don’t try to change perfection!!!!”

Schlitzberger & Daughters Client

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