Cemetery Monument Finishes

There are many different cemetery monument finishes available for our granite monuments and markers. All flat markers, bevel markers, and slant monuments have a polished face. Upright monuments are polished on the front and back. All bases are polished on the top. You may choose to have more sides or the entire marker polished at an additional charge. Visible surfaces that are not polished are rock pitched. The bottom of all markers are usually sawed since they are not visible. Contact us for more information on cemetery monument finishes.

  • Polished  –  Smooth surface, high gloss mirror like shine
  • Sawed – Smooth surface, dull look of the natural stone
  • Steeled – Smooth surface, appears lighter and frosted
  • Rock Pitched – Rough surface, finished with hammer and chisel

Types of Carving

  • Flat Carving: Outline only, without shape.
  • Shaped Carving: Textured and dimensional.
  • Simple Carving: Simplistic flower or leaf design.
  • Band Carving: Continuous carving around memorial.
  • BAS Relief Carving: 3 Dimensional, Very complex and expensive.
  • Complicated Carving: Complex designs and heavy carvings

Types of Etching

  • Etching designs must be on either black, deep red or dark mahogany granite material. Etchings are not suitable for gray or white granites. They are exceptionally beautiful on Paradise Black, Dakota Mahogany, and Canadian Mahogany.
  • Use etching designs when your picture requires a lot of detail
  • Etching designs are permanent, just not as deep as sandblasted carving
  • Complexity of design and size of memorial determine etching cost.  We are capable of etching any design into granite that you want to create.
  • Designs, pictures, scenes and portraits may be plain or colored etched
  • Plain etching results from the natural color of the granite appearing through the granite polish.
  • Color etchings are created from using different colors of special lithochrome paint in a plain etching.

Panel Types

The different kinds of panels that are used for lettering are called “Family Name Panels” and “Inscription Panels”.

  • Family name panels may be placed on the front and back side of an upright monument. This must be indicated when you order. We assume all engraving and etching are on the front of the marker unless otherwise specified.
  • The finish for a panel may be frosted or polished.
  • Frosted-finish panels will appear to be lighter than the granite color and not shiny.
  • Polished-finish panels will have a high gloss, mirror like shine
Cemetery Monument Finishes
Cemetery Monument Finishes

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Cemetery Monument Finishes

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Cemetery Monument Finishes

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Cemetery Monument Finishes

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