Why I Love My Job

Most often, when I tell people what I do for a living the response is, “Oh, how sad.” or “Ick, how depressing.” or something similar. But I enjoy my job immensely and I explain that, right away. I think there is something so special about spending time with my customers, hearing stories about their loved ones, and helping them through this process.

I realize that death is fearful for most people but I want to share my thoughts on the beauty of death, a life well lived and the honor of memorializing people.

I have learned from my customers that how I live my life will affect my death, my memory, my “legacy”. The sweetest stories of love and devotion always seem to start with, “He was so good to everyone.” or “She always put other people first.”. Then they proceed to tell me how much this person was loved, and how much they will be missed. I get to hear stories of how this person or that person changed and improved lives and made a real difference in the lives of friends and families. I have learned from my customers (much like my mother always told me)– money will not make you happy, tangible items will not give you true joy and real love is earned by how we behave every day. I have wept with my customers and gone home a happier person at the end of my day, because through my customer I got to know someone wonderful today.

Recently, I had two women come in, unrelated customers. They told me beautiful stories of the deaths of their husbands. These women loved these men and these men deserved their love. The descriptions of the men and their love for their wives and families moved me to tears, for both the loss of life and the joy of life. These men were good men and they did not die alone. Their families (wives, children, in-laws and friends) were there for them. They stood by their beds, held their hands and promised to care for their families in their absence– WOW! Isn’t that what really matters in the end, who is there with you. No one wants to die alone and the only thing we can take when we go is love, and the only thing we can leave is memories. Shouldn’t those be good?

How blessed am I, to be reminded daily it is not what we have, what we own or how big our bank account is, it is how we love that will mean the most when we die. I want to be missed by my family, which can only happen if I’m in their lives while I am living.

How sad it must be to be a stock broker or a dental hygienist or a brick layer. How wonderful to be a memorialist!! I am reminded, nearly every day how precious life is.

I am so honored to be allowed to share this experience with my customers. I am so honored to be a memorialist.

These are a few of the reasons I love my job.

Maria Schlitzberger Hall

Maria Schlitzberger Hall

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