Choosing a Memorial for Mom or Dad

Dealing with the emotional turmoil after the death of your mom or dad is definitely tough. On top of all the things that have to be done you need to make arrangements for the funeral. You will want to get a suitable gravestone or grave marker for your departed parent to honor him or her. Most people will need help with this since it’s not something they have experience with. This is where an experience memorialist like Schlitzberger and Daughters can help.

The funeral home will offer this service. However, you should think about allowing a memorialist to help you instead of the funeral home.

The most compelling reason is cost. The fact is that funeral homes are middlemen that source from monument companies and mark up whatever they sell you. Fortunately, by law funeral homes can no longer coerce you purchase through them. Even so, they often take advantage of people’s grief by persuading them to let them handle the memorial as part of the funeral details. After all, that’s their business.

Besides cost savings, working directly with a memorialist like Schlitzberger and Daughters ensures you have access to the full range of choices and options. The funeral home will offer choices from a book or brochure. A memorialist with years of experience has unlimited choices and is pleased to create something completely custom for you.

Gravestones or tombstones can be made of many different kinds of granite or bronze. Then there is marble, limestone, fieldstone, slate, soapstone, and so on. The ones prepared from granite and bronze are usually preferred as they are attractive yet durable.

Bronze markers, in particular, look aesthetic. You can also get a matching vase along with the headstone for keeping flowers. Besides, you can choose gravestones in beautiful colors such as pink, green, blue, black, grey, etc.

Moreover, you can personalize the memorial with a famous quote, poem, prose, etc. that best describes the importance of your parents in your life, and include a laser etched photo on the stone.

Those who are religiously or spiritually inclined can use scriptural verses, too. Furthermore, consider writing an epitaph for your deceased parent to as a tribute and get it engraved on the tombstone. Some people prefer to write their own epitaphs beforehand. Your parents may have had some wishes regarding their memorial that the memorialist can help you achieve. So, try your best to honor your parents’ wishes.

In addition to material choices, you can include meaningful symbols and wonderful artwork on your parent’s memorial. Gravestones generally tell a lot about the deceased. Thus, try to design your guardian’s headstone keeping his or her personality and preferences in mind.

Another option is to opt for a companion headstone for your parents to honor their unconditional and endless love for each other.

If you are planning to get your departed mom or dad cremated, then you can look for a cremation headstone, bench, or some other monument with the option of storing the cremation urn within the stone. You can even have a headstone for your mother or father after cremation and place it in a memorial garden.

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