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At Schlitzberger and Daughters Monument Co., we pride ourselves on our personal and caring service, and we offer a wide range of knowledge and experience to help you create the perfect cemetery headstone or memorial for your family or loved one. Our goal is to provide a superior memorial, which your family can take pride in for generations to come. We create art for the most special reason that anyone ever could – to commemorate and celebrate lives.

The Schlitzberger family has been crafting cemetery headstones, headstones for graves, monuments and memorials since 1922; it is our family’s heritage and our passion. We are a full service custom memorial company that offers a wide range of products and services directly to the public. We produce quality granite, marble, and bronze memorials; we work with top-quality granite quarries, which gives us the ability to offer custom shapes and sizes, and the full spectrum of colors. The cemetery memorials are sandblasted and etched here at our Houston facility; all of our cemetery headstones, monuments and markers may be customized with emblems, etchings, porcelain photos, and epitaphs. We can provide emblems and designs that depict hobbies, civic and/or fraternal activities, and images of religious belief, including Catholic, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, and Muslim faiths. We also have a team of skilled and experienced professionals that offer in-field sandblasting work such as adding names, dates, epitaphs and additional design.

Cemetery headstones for a grave or memorial are a gift that will last forever and will be viewed by family members and friends for generations to come. Let us help you with a memorial that is appropriate, personal and affordable.

Schlitzbergers is also a top choice for commercial services; we provide sandblasted or etched signage for residences, businesses and organizations. Custom signage may be done either at our production facility and delivered, or produced on site.

Be sure to browse our Headstone Quotes and Sayings (Epitaphs) for Headstones and Grave Markers. These memorable epitaphs by Schlitzberger serve as an everlasting tribute to a departed loved one.

Schlitzbergers now offers D/2 Biological Solution

D2 has been named as the preferred cleaner for cleaning memorials and historic headstones. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is tasked with the regular maintenance of more than 3.5 million white marble headstones nationwide. Based on recommendations resulting from a six-year study conducted by the National Park Service, D/2 has been selected as the preferred cleaner for maintaining these memorials to our country’s fallen heroes. We now offer quarts and gallons of D2 Biological Solution for cleaning memorials. We sell this product in our Houston office.

cemetery headstones memorials markers cleaner
Cemetery Monuments - Granite by Elberton Granite Association
Cemetery Headstones Monuments Markers and Memorials
Cemetery Headstones Monuments Markers and Memorials
Cemetery Headstones Monuments Markers and Memorials
Cemetery Headstones Monuments Markers and Memorials

The Customer Isn’t Always Right

It’s never easy, telling someone that what they thought, what they believed, is false. In a situation such as purchasing a headstone for someone you loved, the last thing any consumer wants to hear is “You can’t do that.”

Why Did We Choose To Be Memorialists?

What else could we do that would leave such an eternal landmark for future generations?

Online Memorial Purchases

We routinely come into contact with families that have purchased memorials online. This is one of those times when you can learn some pretty tough lessons, but only after you have paid a fairly steep price.

Choosing a Memorial for Mom or Dad

Dealing with the emotional turmoil after the death of your mom or dad is definitely tough. On top of all the things that have to be done you need to make proper arrangements for the funeral. There are many reasons for allowing a memorialist to help you instead of a funeral home.

Why I Love My Job

Most often, when I tell people what I do for a living the response is, “Oh, how sad.” or “Ick, how depressing.” or something similar. But I enjoy my job immensely and I explain that, right away. I think there is something so special about spending time with my customers, hearing stories about their loved ones, and helping them through this process.

Only the Best Granites

We use only the best granites to design and build the finest memorials

Award Winning Designs

Nationally certified and winner of many prestigious awards

Customer Service

Personalized and attentive customer service is our trademark

Direct to Public

We offer our products and services direct to the public at reasonable prices

“I just cannot thank you enough. I had to rush the order and you were all so accommodating. The stone was beautiful and everything went smoothly; everything was perfect!”

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